Sunday, 14 February 2010

The boys in blue and other hair raising stories

Patrik Ervell autumn winter 2010, New York

Arriving in New York I was underwhelmed by the small snow on the Manhattan sidewalks given the disruption it had caused two days earlier with something like six thousand flights being cancelled to and from the East coast of America and half our team stranded in Heathrow for longer than they will care to let me forget in a hurry. Missing the first day of shows with press deadlines to meet was just unthinkable, so a very expensive fix later the team did make it over just in time to see the first lights go down at the Bryant Park show tents. The only remaining evidence now for all the hoopla are the travel tale whinges circulating around the fashion pack.

As if wishing me to share the pain when it came to my turn someone checked 150 school kids onto my flight, all of them in identical royal blue hoodies … please note the irony of a style theme here!

And so now here I am, already two days into my trip and the weekend shows behind me. I have lost my mono-pod, usually it's my phone that gets left behind in a cab, at least once a season! which is bad enough, but I simply can’t work without a monopod, so I begged, borrowed, then scrambled downtown to buy one at B&H. Not a good start ... but now onto the shows.

What it means I'm not sure but what keeps coming back to me so far is not the clothes but the hair. Big big hair at Patrik Ervell with lofty quiffs in architectural proportions. At Alexander Wang it was greased and moulded and elsewhere fewer shows have stayed with that neat all-American grooming so familiar in New York styling.

left - Alexander Wang, right Patrik Ervell

For the collections that have left an impression on me I have put together a slide show so you can view them here below.

Click here for slideshow

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