Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Local colour and candy hues

I was struck yesterday at the Chris Benz show, as the girls lined up alongside each other for the finale, how much like the boiled sweets I'd been craving all day they were, and last night whilst reviewing my photos for the day, I noticed that candy colours had been a theme through Zac Posen's collection that same morning. It must have been a kind of subliminal plant in my brain wafting Sherbert Lemons and Rhubarb & Custard sweeties through my mind. By the time I got to Marc Jacobs in the evening and saw his fondant coloured clothes gather in a quadrant on the catwalk, I mentally added the ribbon to complete the candy box already formed in my eye.

More local colour popped up in the form of Bill Cunningham (or Hamburger as I call him since he insists on calling me Fish & Chips!), he is a resident feature of New York Fashion Week, where he has been documenting fashion trends not only on the catwalks but also through the living breathing mass of fashion's finest, as they parade in and out of the show venues, for decades. It was a special treat to see that he is still shunning the digital age and was proudly wearing those splendid Nikon FM celluloid camera's I myself once could not live without. He must have a truly envious archive not only of NYFW which is but a few weeks in his year, documenting the streets of Manhattan, and and archive not vulnerable to the tech gremlins that can reduce a grown man to tears. (Ahem .... or so I'm told!)

The great Bill Cunningham

Also in evidence around the Bryant Park shows tents, were Scot Schuman, blogger extraordinaire (thesartorialist.blogspot.com) and stylist Shail Upadhya, who lets his wardrobe do the talking.

left - Lisa Theadore and Shail Upadhya, and right - Scott Schuman

Among my other shows yesterday was the Thom Browne menswear collection where some of the more challenging items on offer for men were the fetching headscarfs ....as in Her Majesty the Queen of England. See the slide show below ..


  1. Wow! You're on Blogger!! That is so neat!! I'm going to be a frequent visitor of your blog. I totally admire fashion photography and photographers and totally respect your work!

  2. Have seen quite a few of your photos already and must say I'm very impressed. Continue doing your great work! Will definitely visit your blog from now on!

  3. Wow...having read your posts, I have to ask if you're a writer as well? The way you combine words is akin to taking a photo--they both evoke a very clear and intriguing visual.
    Looking forward to reading/seeing more!