Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The fashion flicker

Givenchy haute couture spring 2010, Paris, Jan 2010

So here it is at last, my first blog. Being a photographer I will of course allow my camera to do much of the work in these soon to be regular posts and let the pictures do the talking.

So often pictures don’t find an audience, not published because they don't quite fit the word, wit or whim of an editor, but are in themselves vital pieces of the riotous jigsaw of opinion the fashion by-stander must assemble when trying to make sense of the craziest weeks in the Fashion calendar. I will be posting many of these soon otherwise to be neglected gems from the up and coming Autumn 2010 collections, showing this February and March and beginning for me on the 11th. New York, London, Milan and Paris in that order will make up the nucleus of the international catwalk scene and what we see and perceive there will set the tone for the next six months.

Alongside the collections I will be offering you a look at 'my world' as I and my team go through the latest schedule with hundreds of shows over four Fashion Capitals. You will usually see what unfolds in front of that wall of lenses at the back of a catwalk venue, the infamous pack, sandwiched somewhere between the colossal sound stacks and the VIP rows of little gold chairs, but as well as this I will be taking some time to widen the view to take in both show presentation and the sweat, stress and consternation that goes into covering it, a kind of flickering view from stage to sideline and back again.

After upwards of 30 years and more seasons than I care to count many shows can only make a run-of-the-mill impression, but every now and then this unique arena offers up something truly special just at the point when you've forgotten how it feels to be excited or utterly moved by the moment.

For my introductory blog and whilst we wait for this season to unfold I hope you enjoy some of those special moments I have been privileged to experience over the years.

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  1. SO excited to see what you post on your blog!! I'm a huge fan! x Ophelia